Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Socks. Yes socks; a huge trend that I've been seeing much more as of late. In theory it seems like it would look frumpy but I think thats part of its charm. To play up the youth of the outfit, pair it with a cute form-fitting dress. It's a perfect outfit for fall.

It looks great when you add a pop of color to any outfit but its even more amazing when you do it with a short sock.

"Switch on summer from a slot machine"

Summer is here and so are the hippies. Long hair, bangs, leather, beads... It seems we are all getting back to our flower child state of mind. As for me, I love it. There is nothing better about the summer than a long flowing dress and a great pair of 70's-inspired clogs that make you feel like Penny Lane. I'm hoping this trend floats its way into fall. This is a great look because it's super easy to pull off, and everyone looks beautiful in it!